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What is Your Feeding Team?

Your Feeding Team is a cost-effective membership site run by three international picky eating experts . We will take you step-by-step, through everything you need to know about how to help your child learn to become a confident eater. Together, we've got this!

  • Unique access to a team of feeding professionals with different specialisms 
  • Free video course which will teach you ALL the fundamentals of mealtime parenting 
  • Regular member-only Q&A sessions 
  • Access to tons of feeding resources, webinars, cheat sheets and more... 
  • Private members-only facebook group

"Together, we've got this!"

💙 Simone Emery has been working clinically with extreme picky eaters for over 3 years. She works with children to achieve improvement in their receptiveness to new foods with a playful approach. Simone translates her clinical knowledge into fun home economics tips and recipes for parents on her blog, playwithfood.com.au

💙 Natalia Stasenko, of feedingbytes.com, is a pediatric dietitian and mother of three. She helps families raise healthy eaters, start solids with their babies, resolve picky eating and enjoy family meals in simple and delicious ways. As a recognized pediatric nutrition expert, she contributes regularly to a wide range of media outlets.

💙 Jo Cormack is a registered counsellor and food anxiety specialist, working with the psychological aspects of food and feeding. She helps anxious eaters and their families all over the world. Jo is also an author and doctoral researcher - her PhD is about parenting picky eaters. Read more about Jo's work at jocormack.com.

"Wow is what comes to mind. Not only is Simone professional, non judgmental, knowledgeable and low pressure but she is just amazing with kids." 

Kellie, Sydney

"I always recommend Natalia in a heartbeat. I really liked how she made balanced eating so easy to understand and implement with my kids. "

Ivonne, Spain

"Jo's advice was sensible and easy to follow and after a month, Fred was eating confidently and calmly."

Meg, Midlands, UK

Membership costs just $9/month - or $97 for lifetime membership.


Together, we've got this!